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Coronavirus in Hungary

61 cikk Frissítve: 2020. április 1.
  1. COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Hungary on 4 March, and since then, there have been 525 confirmed cases, 40 recoveries, 20 deaths, and doctors performed 15 208 tests.
  2. A week after the announcement of the first case, Hungary declared a state of emergency, and at the end of March, Fidesz's parliamentary supermajority had significantly expanded the government's emergency powers without a specific end date.
  3. The virus has entered into community transmission, the epidemic in Hungary is expected to peak in June or July. Here is what you can do to prevent catching or spreading the disease.
  4. A stay-at-home order with a rather wide range of exceptions is in effect in Hungary from 28 March to 11 April.
  5. The borders are closed to all foreigners. The entry ban was later extended by the Chief Medical Officer.
  6. Schools and universities are closed, education continues remotely.
  7. All upcoming events are cancelled, non-essential shops close at 3:00 PM.
  8. To counter the immediate effects of the pandemic on the economy, the government introduced a large-scale relief package which was soon expanded. The government expects massive unemployment.
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