Here are the best dog-friendly businesses of Hungary!

As every year since 2014, presented its awards to Hungary's best dog-friendly businesses and accommodations to raise awareness of the fact that more and more dog owners prefer to enjoy certain services in the company of their pets.

A record number of businesses entered this year, the 135 contestants competed in 11 categories, receiving more than 27 000 votes altogether, the organisers announced on Tuesday.

"We are proud of every business that took part in the Dog-Friendly Business of the Year Awards. There is nothing particularly difficult in becoming dog-friendly, it all depends only on the attitude, and of course on keeping in line with the corresponding rules and regulations" organiser Tibor Sziládi-Kovács said.

This year, the winners of each category are:

Shops, businesses

  • Dog-friendly Balaton award: Siófok Tourinform Office
  • Jury award: Dorko Flagship Store, Budapest
  • Most popular: Sziromszerelem Flower Store, Mezőtúr

Shopping centres

  • Jury award: Asia Center Family- and Dog-friendly Mall, Budapest
  • Most popular: Pécs Plaza, Pécs

Pastry shops

  • Turizmus & Vendég magazine's special award: FitCandy, Budapest
  • Jury award: Anjuna Ice Pops
  • Most popular: Sovány Vigasz, Pilisvörösvár

Ruin pubs/wine bars/pubs

  • Turizmus & Vendég magazine's special award: DiVino, Kecskemét
  • Jury award: Anker't, Budapest
  • Most popular: Fadrusz Bar, Budapest

Cafes outside Budapest

  • Special award of Bayer Animal Health and Turizmus & Vendég magazine: PURE Coffee and more, Gödöllő
  • Jury award: Cafe Frei, Szombathely
  • Most popular: Cage Mug, Pápa

Restaurants outside Budapest

  • Turizmus & Vendég magazine's special award: Echo Restaurant, Tihany
  • Funzine magazine's special award: Szomszéd Kertje, Csopak
  • Infopont magazine's special award: Vadásztanya Restaurant and Wine Bar, Siófok
  • Jury award: Fészek - food and hotel -, Zánka
  • Most popular: Lavender terrace, Balatonvilágos

Budapest cafes

  • Turizmus & Vendég magazine's special award: Caffé 22
  • Magnet Bank's special award: Ecocafe Bio Specialty
  • Jury award: Bookline Móricz Bookshop and Cafe
  • Most popular: Meadow Cafe

Budapest restaurants

  • Turizmus & Vendég magazine's special award: Anonymus Bar & More
  • Nestlé Purina's special award: BESTIA
  • Funzine magazine's special award: Mazel Tov
  • Jury award: Vegan Love
  • Most popular: Hari Kebab


  • Jury award: Erdei Kisház, Noszvaj
  • Most popular: Bacchus Apartman and Vinoteque


  • Turizmus & Vendég magazine's special award: Tisza Balneum, Tiszafüred
  • Csodá's special award: Fenyves Yacht Club Hotel, Balatonfenyves
  • Jury award: Abbázia Country Club Hotel, Nemesnép
  • Most popular: Szépalma Hotel and Horse Farm, Porva-Szépalmapuszta


  • HR Power's special award: Asia Center Family- and Dog-friendly Mall, Budapest
  • NÉBIH's special award: Lounge Group
  • Kreatív Magazine's special award: Artificial Group
  • Jury award: Café Communications
  • Most popular: 89.5 Music FM

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