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Artists without shelter

For 25 years, homeless people have been selling the street-magazine aimed to help those who fell on hard times, Fedél Nélkül ("Without Shelter"). Starting from 2004 the paper has been regularly publishing works of homeless artists - since then, editors received more than 10,000 entries from 400 artists to choose from. We are proud to present you with a selection of the best works from Fedél Nélkül's stirring and vivid art section.

The 250th issue saw the start of this ongoing art contest, winners are announced every month in categories of prose, poetry and images, and thanks to reader donations they receive prizes as well, ranging from 2000 to 5000 Forints, around €6-€15.

By today it is apparent that Fedél Nélkül's launch 25 years ago filled a void, completing an important mission. "Several hundred homeless creators got a chance for regular publication, thousands of people stuck in poverty got a chance to get back on their feet with money they earned with hard work. Thousands of homeless people got a chance to regain their self-esteem and their faith that they can take a step forward, they can do something for themselves and even for their communities. The paper is not free. We believe that goods earned by working are worth more than goods one gets free of charge and that the distributors' earnings are not just monetary in their nature." said Róbert Kepe, the editor-in-chief of Fedél Nélkül.

The poetry, art, and prose contests never have a theme - contestants can enter no matter the topic or technique of their work. Fedél Nélkül also publishes books - this year, they already have five titles: their newest is the poetry volume of Géza Röhrig (of Son of Saul fame) that is exclusively available from Fedél Nélkül's homeless distributors. Kepe told us that in the first three weeks of November the book already sold 2400 copies, and the latest piece of the series will be available in December.

The publishing company regularly organizes art exhibits and poetry reading events, as Réka Szenográdi, coordinator for Fedél Nélkül says: "The street-journal gives an opportunity to publish, to self-express, to communicate with the reader, and also invites the individual talents into a community of creators, and supports all civic initiatives that entice authors to take part in community projects. The Monthly Awards Ceremony is not merely an event where authors receive their prize money and award certificate, but it is an artistic round-table where authors get to know each other's works, hear about contest opportunities, and welcome groups interested in their art."

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