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Producer Andrew G. Vajna dies at age 74

2019.01.20. 12:56 Módosítva: 2019.01.20. 13:01

Film producer and government film commissioner Andrew G. Vajna has died in his home at the age of 74 this morning following a long illness, as the National News Agency was informed by the Hungarian National Film Fund. Andrew G. Vajna was an influential figure of the Hungarian and international movie industry.

Andrew G. Vajna emigrated to the United States as a child in 1956, and he grew up in California. He lead an adventurous life. Carolco Pictures, the company he founded in 1976 with Mario Kassar, quickly became a success and soon started producing blockbusters such as the Rambo series or Angel Heart, however, had problems with the IRS later on. He had a large role in the careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and many others.
Andrew G. Vajna was the government commissioner responsible for the development of the Hungarian film industry since 2011 and the owner of several Hungarian media companies including the TV2 group, one of the largest commercial television networks in Hungary.

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