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The Hungarian who shot the stealth bomber

As one of those Hungarians that live in a country neighbouring Hungary due to the storms of twentieth-century history, Zoltán Dani from Vojvodina (now in Serbia) was serving in the Serbian army during the Kosovo War as the head of an anti-aircraft unit that gained notoriety for managing to shoot a supposedly undetectable F-117 stealth bomber that was at the pinnacle of US military technology at the time.

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The Hungarian soldier who shot down the stealth bomber

Later on, Zoltán Dani ended up befriending the pilot of the aircraft he and his unit destroyed.

The armed conflict started when Serbian leadership attacked the Albanian civilian population of Kosovo, which prompted NATO to bomb Serbia - which is when the famous shot of Zoltán Dani's unit occurred. He was promoted afterwards, but as a Hungarian, he could not stay in the Serbian army for long.

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