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Hungarian tax authority summons joke party over mock-money

The Hungarian tax authority (NAV) summoned the leadership of the joke-party Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) to testify in relation to an ongoing investigation in connection with "unknown individuals violating the provisions governing the imitations of money," Gergely Kovács, the president of MKKP told Népszava on Monday.

Kovács thinks the investigation could be connected to the Soros bank-notes the party distributed by the thousands during the past few months, many times in return for signatures endorsing the party's candidates in the 2019 European elections. Kovács said that they've asked a lawyer prior to the start of the mock-money distribution, and the lawyer told them that even if someone were to report MKKP's fliers, they could not get into trouble - the 'bank notes' of MKKP look completely different from Hungary's legal tender. 

MKKP's mock-money was printed on thick, glossy paper and featured political figures whom Fidesz had trouble earlier, such as Blanka Nagy, Judith Sargentini, Jean-Claude Juncker and George Soros. 

Gergely Kovács said that they will, of course, appear at the tax authority at the time they've been summoned, however, they will not confess to forgery.

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