Orbán: Compensating Romas for school segregation is "unjust" for the rest of the community

As he made it apparent at his press conference last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is baffled by a court decision awarding compensation to Roma people who suffered segregation at the primary school of their native town Gyöngyöspata. The Appeals Court of Debrecen ruled that all together, 100 million Forints shall be paid as compensation to the students whose education suffered due to racial segregation, but as of yet, that decision is not final, as it is currently before the highest judicial forum of the country, the Curia. 

The Prime Minister says that the decision hurts society's "sense of justice" as the people of Gyöngyöspata see that the town's Roma community gets a "significant sum without having to work for it in any way." We visited the small town in Northern Hungary to find out what they make of the Prime Minister's remarks. 

Watch Viktor Orbán's unedited thoughts on Gyöngyöspata here:

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