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Coronavirus in Hungary: 525 confirmed cases, 40 recoveries, 20 deaths, 15 208 tests performed

2020.03.23. 10:33

The text below was updated on 1 April 2020.

Confirmed cases (525)

The Hungarian authorities have stopped releasing details about the age, location, gender, and source of infection of new patients after 19 cases. Here is what we know about the first nineteen infected people, organised by the source of infection:

  • 4 March - Coronavirus first appears in Hungary; two Iranian university students studying in Hungary tested positive after returning from their home country, several contacts later tested positive as well.
  • 5 March - 69-year-old British man living in Hungary tested positive after returning from Milan to Debrecen. His 59-year-old Hungarian wife and another woman in contact with the man later tested positive.
  • 7 March - A 70-year-old, chronically ill Hungarian man was diagnosed with the virus, initial official information suggested his son infected him, this was later denied. His 74-year-old wife also tested positive two days later.
  • 13 and 12 March: A 27-year-old Hungarian woman was also diagnosed after arriving back from a trip to Israel, but she also had contact with foreign nationals already in Hungary. A 27-year-old Hungarian man also tested positive after returning from Israel. 
  • There were also three "lonely" cases with known details: A 67-year-old Hungarian man who met a lot of foreigners because of his job, a 41-year old Hungarian man from Nyíregyháza who was in the Netherlands and the UK shortly before testing positive, and a woman in her forties whose colleagues were in Austria before she tested positive. 

The only official information available about further cases is the nationality of the patients, according to which:

  • 433 Hungarian,
  • 10 Iranian,
  • 1 Kazakh,
  • 1 Vietnamese, and
  • 2 UK citizens have tested positive in Hungary.

In total, Hungary took 15 208 samples for testing.

Recoveries (34)

  • 12 March: The first recovery registered in Hungary, one of the infected Iranian students tested negative.
  • 16 March: A second Iranian student was also released from the hospital.
  • 20 March: Prime Minister announced five new recoveries in an interview on public radio, further details yet unknown.
  • 21 March: Nine people were released from the hospital after testing negative, no further details.
  • 23 March: The recovery of five further patients was announced.
  • 26 March: Six more people recovered, no details announced.
  • 27 March:  Six more people recovered, no details announced.

Deaths (15)

  • 15 March: The first victim of the coronavirus in Hungary, a 75-year old Hungarian man, died upon arrival at the Central Hospital of Southern Pest.
  • 20 March: Two Hungarian men, one 79, the other 68 years old, died of COVID-19.
  • 20 March: The fourth patient, a 53-year-old Hungarian man has died.
  • 22 March: A 65 and a 75-year-old woman have died of the coronavirus.
  • 22 March: An "old, chronically ill man" was the seventh victim of COVID-19 in Hungary.
  • 23 March: An 80-year-old, chronically ill man has died.
  • 24 March: A "younger woman" who already had existing metabolic and cardiovascular illnesses has died.
  • 25 March: Steven Dick, the Deputy Head of the British Embassy in Budapest has died of the coronavirus. He was 37.
  • 28 March: An older patient with previously existing chronic illnesses has died of COVID-19.
  • 29 March: Two more elderly patients have died of coronavirus, both had existing chronic medical conditions.
  • 30 March: Two patients above the age of 90 have died of COVID-19, both had existing illnesses.
  • 31 March: A 59-year-old woman has died, she had several existing medical conditions.

On 31 March, the Hungarian government started releasing detailed information about the age, gender, and the previously existing medical conditions of deceased coronavirus patients (the first 16 entries are non-chronological):

Date of death Gender Age Existing condition
1 Female 76 Cardiovascular disease
2 Female 65 Malignant tumour
3 Male 74 Cardiovascular disease
4 Male 79 Cardiovascular disease
5 Male 68 Cardiovascular disease
6 Female 41 Hypertension
7 Male 38 Chronic pancreatitis, alcohol-related liver damage
8 Male 53 Cardiovascular disease
9 Female 90 aorta stenosis, ischaemic heart disease, hypertension, atrial fibrillation
10 Male 75 Hypertension
11 Male 80 N/A
12 Male 73 Ischaemic heart disease, encephalopathy, hepatopathy, vasoconstriction, hypothyroidism
13 Female 86 TBC, LC, PE, HT, DM, diabetic polyneuropathy, MVT
14 Male 92 Allergic asthma, stroke, pacemaker
15 Male 94 COPD
16  Female 59 Diabetic patient with transplanted kidney, COPD, ischaemic heart disease, hypertension,
17 (1 April) Female 86 hypertension
18 (1 April) Female 67 Ischaemic heart disease, hypertension,
19 (1 April) Male 66 Cardiovascular disease, chronic rheumatic heart disease,  degenerative spine condition
20 (1 April) Male 91 Cardiovascular disease, chronic rheumatic heart disease,  hypertension, cardiovascular disease

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