Coronavirus in Hungary: Government partially lifts stay-at-home order, Budapest remains under lockdown

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2020.04.29. 20:08

The first phase of the coronavirus response effort in Hungary has ended, and the healthcare system is prepared to handle even mass infections, nobody will be left without medical care, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in his Facebook video address on Wednesday evening after a drawn-out cabinet meeting, concluding:

"The defence operation can now enter another phase. Together, we can try to reboot life in Hungary, but we must act gradually, in accordance with a strict timetable."

Orbán said this means that the most affected areas and the groups most at risk will still be under strict precautionary measures. As the outbreak is the most intense in Budapest and its surroundings, the stay-at-home order will remain in effect in the capital and the agglomeration. 

In the countryside, the stay-at-home order will be replaced by new measures:

  • Shops will have no limits on opening hours, 
  • Terraces and gardens of restaurants can open,
  • Open-air beaches and baths can open,
  • but wearing facemasks in stores and on public transportation (like in Budapest) will be compulsory nationwide.
  • Shops are still only allowed to admit customers above the age of 65 between 9:00 AM and noon each day.

The Prime Minister promised further details to be announced on Thursday. 

(Cover image: Screenshot from Viktor Orbán's announcement)

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