The CEO is gone, but Index still stands

Over the past two days, we received an outpouring of messages from people who are worried about Index and want to know what is going on after we released a statement warning about the danger threatening the independence and staff of Index.

Tuesday's development was that András Pusztay, the CEO of Index, has stepped down. The new CEO is Zsolt Ződi, a research fellow at the Institute for Legal Studies at the Centre for Social Sciences formerly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

As of now, we do not see what will follow from the departure of our former CEO who always stood up for our site and for the unity of the staff. But we know one thing for sure:

We still insist on maintaining our editorial independence and keeping our staff untouchable.

In the upcoming days, we expect unambiguous safeguards for the values that make Index the largest and most visited online news media of Hungary.

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