Hungary says no to UN Global Compact on Refugees

2018.12.08. 11:27

Hungary refuses to accept the Global Compact on Regufees, announced Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó on Friday.  Szijjártó claimed the compact is the "little brother" of the UN's Migration Pact at the press conference today, and said the pact is about "bringing those who can't come in through the main gate in around the back."

At the press conference, Szijjártó also said

  • Europe is not facing a refugee crisis but an illegal migration crisis
  • The pact is not necessary, international law sufficiently regulates asylum
  • The pact is about sharing burdens, and when Hungary initiated the inclusion a strictly voluntary nature into the concept, it was rejected, which is "very telling"
  • The pact would force routes and opportunities for "migrants" for family reunification and employment purposes, according to Szijjártó this is "the most telling" part supporting his claim of bringing migrants in "around the back"
  • It contains cash-based interventions, further spreading the practice of "migrant cards", the effects of which were visible in the Balkans
  • The pact allows for uncontrolled movement of "migrants", making illegal border crossings devoid of consequence
  • The pact incentivizes the 30-35 million people who "could be leaving their homes at any time now". 

The full text of the UN Global Compact on Refugees is available here.

Cover: Péter Szijjártó. Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI)

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