317 találat az Indexről, és 35 a környékéről.

2020. július 22., 13:45

Editor-in-chief of Index dismissed Editor-in-chief of Index dismissed

"It was not without reason that Index's staff felt in danger, and it was not without reason that I decided to move our independence barometer," the outgoing editor-in-chief stated.
Index is in danger

Index is in danger

2020.06.21. 19:56 Módosítva: 2020-09-27 14:09:28
Index.hu, the largest news site of Hungary, one of the few remaining independent voices, is in grave danger.

2020. május 16., 14:51

Budapest to reopen on Monday Budapest to reopen on Monday

"We have won the first battle against the pandemic," Viktor Orbán said in his video message announcing lifting the restrictions in the capital.