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Orbán: Brussels wants to replace Europe's population to destroy Christian culture and nation states

2019.04.05. 17:39

Earlier today Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán launched Fidesz's campaign for the 2019 European Parliamentary elections at the party's official event held in Budapest.

Viktor Orbán started his speech by responding to his party's recent feud with its European political group, the European People's Party. Orbán said that their future cooperation depends on which way the group turns, and if it turns to the left, and towards the construction of a "Liberal European Empire," then Fidesz will not follow them down that path. The prime minister said he understands the voices urging them to quit the EPP, but he called for patience. He said:

The decisions concerning our future will be made by us, not the European People's Party.

He said they believed Jean-Claude Juncker was a conservative, but they saw that he is instead a "European socialist" responsible for the refugee crisis and Brexit. He talked about Manfred Weber as well, and said it's incomprehensible why they are in such good graces with socialist Frans Timmermans, who wants to "bring in migrants" and "destroy Christian culture".

He repeated his previous theory about the new political divide of Europe, saying politics is no longer about left or right, but pro- or anti-migration, as there are those who want to protect the Christian culture and those who push for a multicultural Europe. 

Orbán talked about his other theory, presented of course as facts – he stated that the "Brussels elite" want to create the United States of Europe, but this plan cannot be executed as long as there are strong nation-states, therefore they want to replace the population of Europe with migrants to destroy Europe's Christian culture and weaken the nation-states. He asked:

"How did we get to the point where it's a possibility that we need to fight for our lifestyle, our way of life, and our natural living space?"

Orbán said this is because there is a "bubble" in Brussels, the virtual world of a privileged Brussels elite who distance themselves from the reality of nation-states. Orbán quoted Charles de Gaulle saying that politics needs to be based on reality, and this gap between reality and Brussels is why Manfred Weber is insulting Hungarians.

"A Bavarian from Brussels can do such a thing, but a Bavarian from Munich would never."

He said that the soft powers – "universities, research institutes, NGOs, the media" – represent a huge force, but not even those forces can deter Europeans from "common sense." He said Europe is struggling with a cultural divide and identity issues, and the Brussels elite are threatening dissenters with financial retributions. 

Orbán listed a number of results from public opinion surveys conducted by Fidesz think-tank Századvég, saying 80% of Hungarians want to protect Christian culture, and that a majority, 55% of Western Europeans want the same – "even if that number includes migrants," the prime minister added. He also said that Hungarians want a strong Europe, but they have had enough of the state of affairs in Brussels – Orbán thinks all conflicts with the EU stem from the fact that Hungarians are "not willing to act the way Brussels dictates." 

Finally, Viktor Orbán announced his seven-step program to save Christian civilisation:

  1. The issue of migration shall be taken away from Brussels and handed over to the nation-states,
  2. No country shall be obliged to accept migrants,
  3. Nobody shall be allowed to enter Europe without valid documentation,
  4. Migrant-cards and migrant-visas shall be abolished,
  5. Brussels shall stop funding migration-aiding Soros-NGOs,
  6. Nobody shall be reprimanded for being Christian in Europe,
  7. All EU institutions shall be lead by anti-immigration leaders.

Earlier, Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó, spoke about how the 2015 refugee crisis was part of a well-organised global plot to replace Europe's population. The minister claimed that EU bureaucracy, Brussels politicians, the liberal media, and international organisations played a role in the execution of this plan, carrying out verbal attacks against governments that try to protect their nation and culture. He said 'they' wanted to carry out a global brainwashing operation from New York, but Hungary stopped that.

László Trócsányi, Hungary's current Minister of Justice and the leader of Fidesz's EP list refused Hungary being called a "young democracy" despite its long history and spoke at length about how the government regards criticisms about the state of rule-of-law in Hungary as insults, adding that the topic just serves to cover up Europe's "real problems."

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